Nice Legs - Three

Nice Legs are a Seoul-based group made up of expatriate Americans crafting bedroom pop. Loving the swaying, gentle melody on this track. It is lo-fi, so the production could be better. But the core of the song is delightful. Intriguing group, going to be watching this space.

Blessa - Counterproduction

Live video from Bestival of our favorite Sheffield band with a brand new song. Pretty much in line what we’ve seen from them in the past. Maybe even more lush if that’s possible.

Oh, Rose - Prom

Check this noisy, raw folk track from Oh, Rose. They’re a young band out of Olympia WA. Singer/guitarist Olivia Rose has tremendous delivery and the lyrics are a treat. Looks like this EP was a mostly folky affair but they also have released lofi/garage tracks.

Superhumanoids - Flipping Out

Superhumanoids are wearing me down with their excellent singles, slowly almost by attrition I’m becoming a super fan. No doubt, Superhumanoids can do cool synth wizardry. But on this single and the earlier track, Come Say Hello, it’s held in check and it’s Sarah Chernon’s beautiful vocals that are front and center. Also check out the B-side, Another One. A tense but graceful ballad that is even more underplayed. Covers same territory as Goldfrapp and little bit of Portishead.

Orenda Fink - Ace Of Cups

Falling in love with Orenda Fink’s gently oscillating and hypnotic track. There’s a distinctive rhythm to her delivery and digging those keys. There’s something latent, a restraint throughout the song, probably because it’s underplayed. Reminds me of Wye Oak’s Civilian without the instrumental eruption to release the tension.

FURS - An Eye On The Vicious

FURS is a London-based alternate rock group with a penchant for sweeping choruses. Perfect for belting out while flying down the Interstate. The drummer, Olly Betts, is also a member of The Duke Spirit.

Azar Swan - For Last And Forever

The next iteration in the Azar Swan project is a thundering, electronic onslaught and it’s their best yet. Mixed up with the tribal beats and brooding synths is Zohra Atash’s dramatic delivery, shooting for something bigger than the song itself. Maybe it’s the phrasing but it reminds me a little of Kate Bush. Kudos to Azar Swan for being out there, carving out their own individual creative path. Fans of Light Asylum and TRST might dig this.

The Luxembourg Signal - We Go On

The Luxembourg Signal is a retooling of indie pop acts from the recent past including Aberdeen and Fonda. Their current incarnation has more of a contemporary dreampop sound with a pulsing beat, nice effects and synths. Also loving the sing-a-long chorus. Their eponymous LP is out in October. From all the tracks I have heard thus far; Distant Drive and She Loves To Feel The Sun, indicate it might be one of the better dream pop releases this year.

Everything By Electricity - Abyss

Everything By Electricity is a great new electronic dream pop band from London. In the same mold as Ladytron, M83 and Young Galaxy, maybe drenched with even more effects. Great balance of guitars and synths. They have solid back catalog of tracks on Soundcloud that are well worth your time. My personal favorite: Violet Haze. An LP is in the works with a yet to-be-determined release date.